Hp Printer Driver won't install on Windows 10 | How to Fix it?

Drivers are an essential piece of software that enables
communications between the operating system and the hardware
or the Devices connected to the computer. What this means is
whatever device you are connecting to your computer you need
the drivers for that particular device to be installed for it to function
smoothly. Now every vendor for computer Devices provides
drivers for their peripheral through Offline media or online
downloads. Also, they release timely updates for any fixes or
adding more functionalities.
That is the case with hp printers too. No matter, whether it’s your
first hp printer setup or you are attempting a clean re-install you
need to install the hp printer drivers too. Now installing the drivers
is an easy process and didn’t take much time. You just insert the
installation media or download them online, then run the Installer
and wait for some time. That’s it, your printer will be ready to print.
Rather uneventful!
But there are certain scenarios where the hp printer drivers won’t
install on windows 10. Here things get complicated and windows
start showing all sorts of errors. At this point, one easy process of
hp printer driver installation on windows 10 becomes a nightmare
for users. Fortunately, though these errors can be resolved and
rather easily. Here we present tried and tested methods to quickly
fix the issue and get your printer back to running state.
Remove and reconnect the printer
This may seem old trick, a little outdated, but believe it or not, it
works. Also what harm there is to apply an old tweak, if it did
work, a lot of your precious time will be saved. That is why this is
the very first method we suggest.
● Switch off your printer and disconnect it from the computer if
you were using any cable such as USB or ethernet. Turn off
your computer too.

● Now do all the connections back again. Use a different USB
or ethernet port If possible because they might be causing
the issue.
● Connect the printer to the power supply and fire it on.
Restart your computer too and then reattempt the hp printer
driver installation.
● If the trick has worked you won’t see any error message
regarding the printer driver installation.
Try disabling the hp smart install software
To assist the hp printer’s drivers and software installation, hp in
past has bundled up its printers with software called the hp smart
install. Although the software is discontinued by hp, in case it is
installed on any computer it may create a conflict during the
installation process of hp printer’s drivers. Disabling it can resolve
the errors.
● On your printer’s screen, navigate to set up and then to
● Here look for the Hp smart install feature and see if it is
enabled or disabled.
● If it’s enabled, then disable it and close the setup.
● Now check if you can install the hp printer drivers on your
Windows 10 device.
Remove any previous hp printer drivers and initiate a fresh
For a fresh install, you need to clean any previously installed
drivers. This eliminates any corrupt files that could be preventing
the installation of hp printer drivers on windows 10.
● On the desktop, double click the control panel icon to open
it. You can open it via the start menu too.
● Once in the control panel look for Hardware and Sound
select it and then click on devices and printers.
● Look for the Hp printer icon and select it. Now click on the
remove device option. Do it for any other hp printer listed on
the device and printer window.

● Now restart your computer and open the run dialogue box.
Use the shortcut Windows Key + R.
● Type Printui.exe /s in the search field and click on the OK
● Printer Server Properties Window will open up. Click on the
driver’s tab, select all the listed hp printer drivers, and then
click on the remove button.
● Now try to install the driver again and see if the problem is
gone or not.
Run the Windows 10 troubleshooter program
To quickly fix minor troubles with windows 10, its creator,
Microsoft has embedded with it a troubleshooting program. In
case a user faces any issue this troubleshooter can diagnose and
rectify the issue. You can use this program to troubleshoot your
hp printer problem too.
● In the start, menu search for the settings option and open it.
● When the setting window opens up, select the Update and
Security option.
● On the left side of the screen, you will find the troubleshoot
option in the menu, click on it.
● Under this option choose printer and then click on the “run
the troubleshooter button.”
● Windows 10 troubleshooter will run a series of checks to
diagnose the issue that could be affecting the printer’s
● If it finds anything, it will correct it automatically or suggest
the settings you must apply to clear out the error.
To sum it up
If you have applied all the fixes given here we are sure that by
now your issue must have been resolved. If still, hp printer driver
won’t install on windows 10 then it would we wise to contact the
hp support to fix it.